Data Wiring

Omni Telecommunications Inc installs traditional copper network “CAT5e” and “CAT6” cables.  These cables are terminated on their respective modular jacks and patch panel to optimize their delivery performance. If you desire fiber optic cable, we generally refer this work to one of our affiliated contractors who are trained and insured to do quality work. Depending on the nature of your business, “Cat 5e” cable will support Internet speeds of up to 100 mbps; “Cat 6” will support Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps.  Fiber-optic cable it can handle virtually any internet speed.

A majority of the wiring services that we provide for our clients is connecting carrier services (AT&T, Charter/Spectrum, etc…) into a customer’s infrastructure. Typically the carriers will only deliver service to a ‘demarc” (Demarcation point), where it is then the responsibility of the customer to wire the cabling from that point. Network wiring typically resembles a bicycle wheel where the spokes represent the cable and the cables are all home run to the “hub” or patch panel. We will consult with you to insure you receive the best choice of cabling based upon your needs.

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