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Home-Office Telephone Systems


We proudly recommend the Panasonic line of telephones for the home-office entrepreneur. Intercom, paging, door boxes, gate open controls, portable phones, fax, modems are just a few things you can have with the integrated telephone system.

Business Communication Systems

Omni Telecom has kept up with the latest communication technology.  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP),”PRI”; “ SIP” trunking and telephones;  ”Cloud” Systems are just a few of the most recent changes in our business. Networking multiple points of business locations can be achieved through “MPLS” services as well as the “VPN” internet networking can be served by one system. We also support analog and digital systems as these systems are still widely used.


Should your system encounter technical difficulties, we stock all the components to correct the problem.


Should your telephone or voice processing system require programming changes, in most cases, this can be performed remotely, if your system is equipped with a modem.

Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC)

The most common request for service is to move, add or change a telephone extension or related options.

Hotel/Motel PBX Systems

Save the high cost of those over rated PBX systems.  Omni Telecom is certified by Call Management Systems (CMP) manufacturer’s of one of the BEST Hotel/Motel PBX systems on the market. “PHONE SUITE” is cost effective, easy to use, very efficient to operate, and can be easily programmed by the owner.


Should your company decide it’s time to relocate, Omni Telecommunications offers to transfer you entire system in the most efficient manner. We will also order your lines well in advance to ensure a smooth transition.


All of our new and refurbished telephone and voice processing systems can be arranged for financing. Low finance rates are available through several of our leasing companies and we provide you the best rates. Approval can be made with in 2-4 hours.

Refurbished Systems

A huge array of refurbished telephone and voice processing systems are available through Omni Telecommunications. Savings of 30%-40% are realistic. We can obtain parts for any and every system on the market for the past 30 years!

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