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Omni Telecommunications is a telephone “interconnect” company that installs, services and repairs telephone systems, “Auto-Attendant /Voice Mail systems” and Paging systems. In addition, we are current on telecom technology providing VoIP and SIP networks. We provide  service to small to mid-size companies (4-288 employees) as well as for custom built homes. In addition, Omni Telecom installs Data network cables and patch panels.

Having gained the expert training from “AT&T” (formerly Southern Bell), our experience of over 45 years in telecommunications has provided us with the technical know-how to tackle any telecommunication problem. Our experience has taken us across the USA and into South America.

We are Certified by Panasonic, NEC, Phone Suite PBX. We are also an authorized agents for JIVE communications, NETIVA, and Zultys.

Omni Telecommunications works well with Interior Decorators, Electrical Contractors, Home Entertainment specialists, Building and Maintenance, personnel, Realtors, Architects & Designers, Hotel/Motel – Bed n Breakfast operators and a host of other professionals. We serve as technical support to many telecom venders who seek professional assistance with programming and installation procedures too.

Omni Telecommunications has provided technical training for those seeking a professional career in telecommunications. We are proud to have helped hundreds of career seeking individuals into the telecommunications trade. Having been state certified in Florida, and having written a technical “How to” book, Omni Telecommunications has gained the respect and recognition in the industry.

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Disclaimer: The names and brands described in this website are the registered trademarks of their respective companies. Omni Telecommunications, Inc. is an independent reseller of new and refurbished telephone equipment manufactured by many fine companies.